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Hulu to be the first live TV streamer on the Echo Show smart home hub

Amazon’s Echo Show is a perfect device to put in your kitchen — or any other area of your house that tends to act as a hub, since it puts Alexa always at the ready, whether you use it to add items to a grocery list or just play a few of your favorite songs. While from the start, the Echo Show has been able to play movies and TV shows from Amazon Prime, making it a somewhat viable replacement for a kitchen TV, it’s about to get even better, as Hulu has announced it will be the first live TV streaming service available when the next-generation Echo Show arrives next month.

Don’t worry if you’re a user of the first-generation Echo Show. While Hulu will debut its live TV streaming service on the next-generation model when it launches in October, it will also be supported on the first-generation model, so you’ll be able to stay caught up on all the fall premieres whether you’re in the living room or not. One of the primary use cases of the Echo Show is in the kitchen, so now you’ll be able to catch up on the morning news while you grab breakfast.

If we’d been asked to guess which live TV streaming service would be first on the Echo Show, Hulu would have been one of the first services that sprung to mind. The company launched a voice-enabled app on Fire TV devices last November, signaling that voice control was very much on its radar. In its blog post announcing the live TV news, Hulu says that viewers who use Alexa watch twice as much as those who use remotes or other click- and tap-based interfaces.

While the updated Echo Show may be great as a kitchen TV, it probably won’t be replacing your main TV. Even though it has a larger screen than the original, it’s still fairly small at just 10 inches. Still, the built-in smart home hub makes it a great control center for your home, and being able to flip the game on so you don’t miss a second while you’re grabbing a snack makes it a super-handy gadget, even if it’s still drastically outsold by the audio-only Echo Dot.

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