iLive Takes iPod Line to Major Retailers

iPod docking solutions maker iLive is taking its trendy, curvaceous “Made for iPod” line of iPod add-ons to major retailers like Kmart, Sears, Best Buy, Kohls, and Famous-Barr (now part of the Macy’s retail amalgamation).

iLive’s three main docking solutions are:

  • ISPK2806 Amplified Speaker Set, an iPod bookshelf speaker system with remote control, priced around $50.
  • ICR6806DT Clock Radio, enabling users to wake up to selections from their iPods, as well as bundling in a digital AM/FM receiver, alarm functions, and a remote control. The unit typically runs $60 to $70.
  • The IBCD3816DT portable boombox system for iPod, featuring a slot-loading CD/CDR/CDRW player, digital AM/FM receiver, stereo speaker system, and remote control, priced around $80.

All units feature video output for use with video capable iPods (do you really need video output on a clock radio?) and charge your iPod while it’s docked.

“We expect to fit squarely in the middle of the product sector for iPodgear, both with technology and feature sets while focusing on a clean, highquality sounding product,” said Bill Fetter, CEO for iLive. “Our customers arethe discerning people who demand the most for their electronics dollar.They want stylish, fully featured products that have add-on features as wellas being functionally easy to use.”