JVC Launches Four New LCD HDTVs

Electronics maker JVC has taken the wraps off four new high-definition LCD televisions, offering 1080p support and upscaling of lower-resolution content along with HDMI 1.3 inputs and video processing with JVC’s Genessa 32-bit image processor.

The new LCDs fall in two new series, the 688s (offering 37- and 42-inch units) and the higher-performance 788s (with 42- and 47-inch displays). The 688s feature a black cabinet while the 788s sport black cabinets with silver trim and a thin bezel. All four models feature 1,920 by 1,080 pixel resolution and the capability to upscale lower-resolution content with JVC’s fifth-generation Digital image Scaling Technology (DIST). Each unit also features two HDMI 1.3 inputs, nine aspect modes, four picture modes, a USB photo viewer, and a universal remote with new “convenience” features. Each set also features JVC’s Genessa 32-bit image processor, offering noise reduction and color management along with JVC’s Motion Adaptive Dynamic Gamma Control which aims to preserve tonal details in dark areas without making images muddy. The Genessa chip also sports a block noise suppressor, a “mosquito noise suppressor” to take noise out of low-quality signals, and a 10-bit 3D /C comb filter to reduce cross color and dot interference in older video sources.

In addition to HDMI inputs, the units also sport two component inputs, three composite inputs, three AV inputs, and S-Video input, standard audio out, and optical digital audio output. Each set also sports a 10 watt-per-channel audio amp, and JVC’s Advanced Hyper Surround for simulating surround sound with integrated speakers.

Aside from the larger sizes, the 788s sport higher contrast ratios, faster response times, and wider viewing angles—although JVC hasn’t published those specs for either the 688s or 788s.

The 688s are due to land at retailers in June, with the 37-inch LT-37X688 carrying a suggested price of $1,599.95 and the 42-inch LT-42X688 bearing a $1,999,95 price tag. The 788s should reach retailers in July, with the 42-inch LT-42X788 available at a suggested price of $2,099.95, and the 47-inch LT-47X788 rounding out the offerings at $2,699.95.