Let a Professional Sing in Your Shower

We know it’s a cliché, but that doesn’t mean thousands—may, millions— of people don’t work on their fantasy opera and rock’n’roll careers in the midst of their lather-rinse-repeat routine. It’s just too tempting: small space, all those hard reflective surfaces—it’s almost like having your own stage monitoring system!

Unfortunately for anyone in hearing range, the effect is usually less than pleasant.

Now home appliance brand Kohler has teamed up with Polk Audio to offer Kohler SoundTile speakers, high-fidelity, water-resistant speakers designed to complement bathroom decor, coordinate with Kohler WaterTile bodysprays and showerheads, and—just maybe—save a soul or two from madness.

"The know-how and experience of the Polk team in marine-grade speakers was instrumental in developing the SoundTile," says Keith Kometer, Kohler Global Faucets’s director of product marketing, in a statement. "Bringing together seasoned plumbing and audio professionals resulted in the creation of a best-in-class shower speaker that sets a new standard in the industry."

The marine-certified flat panel speakers are encased in a 4-inch square escutcheon with a stainless steel front grill; a hole in the bottom lets any water which gets in the speaker area drain out into the shower or tub. The speakers will be sold in pairs in a variety of finishes designed to complement many existing bathroom decors, and tie into Kohler’s DTV II "digital hydrotherapy" system which acts as a media server as well as offering users control of light and steam. The speakers still have to be wired to a sound system, but surely that’s a small price to pay for domestic harmony (and to get those neighbors to stop egging your house.)

The SoundTiles should be available this month at a suggested price of $295 per pair.