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LG announces Netflix 4K streaming app on 12 new UHD models

lg announces netflix 4k streaming app 12 new uhd models reed hastings

You know when Netflix CEO Reed Hastings shows up at 8 a.m. for LG’s CES 2014 press conference, there’s some sort of love affair going on. Hastings popped on stage, touting the longstanding relationship between LG and the Lords of Streaming, which began with a Netflix companion app in an LG Blu-ray player all the way back in the bygone age of ‘08. LG’s Skott Ahn then announced the latest collaboration, centered around the ultimate buzzword for CES 2014: 4K.

In particular, the two companies have agreed on a partnership which will offer Netflix’s coming 4K streaming service on 12 of LG’s latest UHD TVs. The new TVs are primed and ready for optimal 4K streaming thanks to the inclusion of the latest HEVC compression codec, H.265, as well as HDMI 2.0, which allows them to stream at 60 fps. The app is designed to run on LG’s spanking new webOS smart platform, and LG has touted the combination of all factors will provide an experience which it says will “…change the way consumers enjoy television.”

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It’s always great to see Hastings on campus here at CES, but the real story is the continuing mosaic that’s being pieced together from multiple facets across the home theater industry, pointing to the conclusion that 2014 could be the year 4K content takes off. Moves from multiple players, including yings to Netflix and LG’s yang, such as Amazon and Samsung, are all working together for the greater good of 4K content proliferation in the next few years.

That means, for those who have already bought in to 4K, and those waiting for the content ship to arrive, the times are a’ changing.

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