LG Countersues Hitachi Over Plasma Patents

All is not well in the competitive world of plasma televisions. After Japanese manufacturer Hitachi sued Korea-based LG Electronics in April over patented technology allegedly used in its plasma televisions, LG announced Monday that it would be countersuing Hitachi with a similar claim.

The suit was filed in Texas, and cites seven patents LG claims Hitachi has infringed. The company is seeking both monetary compensation for damages and an immediate end to the infringement.

“Japanese firms are filing more and more lawsuits as competition in the global display market has increased dramatically,” said Jeong Hwan-Lee, LG’s execute vice president, in a statement. “We will proactively deal with the situation based on our patented and patent-applied-for technologies.” Executives from Hitachi have yet to comment on the case.

Analysts speculate that the legal pecking going on between plasma manufacturers is a result of the ongoing price wars between each other as well as LCD manufacturers.