Hub-based Logitech Harmony remotes just got smarter with this software update

Logitech Harmony Home Hub
It used to be that if you wanted a Logitech Harmony remote that controlled your home theater setup and also controlled your home, your choices were extremely limited. Now, thanks to a software upgrade, any hub-based model will offer smart-home features as part of the company’s Harmony Home Hub.

Logitech announced today that a software update would be coming to the Logitech Harmony Ultimate, Logitech Harmony Smart Control, and the Logitech Harmony smart keyboard, allowing all of these models to offer the same functionality as its Harmony Home Hub.

The new functionality will allow these models to control Nest thermostats, Philips Hue light bulbs, and other devices from Honeywell, SmartThings, Rheem, PEQ, and Lutron Electronics. The update also adds IFTTT support and the ability to control your Harmony while away from home using your phone or tablet.

“At Logitech Harmony, we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience our customers have with our products,” Logitech Harmony vice president Bruce Lancaster said in a press release. “We’re focused on creating the best control experience for our customers bar none — not just in the living room, but throughout the home and beyond. Today’s update allows us to deliver that best-in-class experience to the largest community of connected home users in the world.”

In our review of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Home, we called it a “magic wand for your house,” but lamented the long setup process and the relatively small number of smart-home devices that were supported. Still, this update lowers the barrier of entry when it comes to price, and if you’re already using one of these products, the extra functionality will certainly be nice to have.

Logitech has said the update is coming in May, so keep your eyes out for the update to become available. To begin the update process once it is available, sign into the MyHarmony software on your PC or Mac or use the Harmony smartphone app to opt-in for the update.

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