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‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘Daredevil’ get to get gorgeous vinyl releases

mondo to release jessica jones and daredevil soundtracks on vinyl with luke cage 1600 1200
Following a successful wax release of the Luke Cage score, fans of Marvel’s two other Netflix-made TV franchises will have the opportunity to buy the soundtracks to both Daredevil and Jessica Jones this holiday season.

Both new vinyl soundtracks will be colorful and extremely limited, with just 3,000 copies of each double-LP to be pressed on red vinyl for Daredevil and purple vinyl for Jessica Jones. The pressings come courtesy of Austin-based memorabilia company Mondo, which has made a name for itself as a purveyor of gorgeous film posters, and increasingly has been licensing soundtracks for limited-run vinyl releases — the aforementioned Luke Cage soundtrack included.

All three of Marvel’s popular online TV series come with extremely pedigreed scores. The Luke Cage soundtrack was written by A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad and composer Adrian Younge, the Daredevil soundtrack was penned by John Paesano, and the Jessica Jones soundtrack won composer Sean Callery an Emmy award for the show’s jazzy main theme. Each show’s music is captivating in different ways, taking heavy sonic cues from the different demeanor of each subject hero.

Whichever super sounds are your favorite, the packaging for both new releases fits the same style that appeared on the initial Luke Cage vinyl prints. Each double-LP sleeve opens up to reveal gorgeous full-sized artwork of the villain from each series — courtesy of one of Mondo artist Matthew Woodson, with the main character appearing on the front cover.

Both new releases will be available for purchase online starting Wednesday, November 9, and there will be a free special release event the same day at Brooklyn’s recently opened Alamo Draft House theater, complete with a live DJ set from Adrian Younge himself.

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