Paradigm announces new MilleniaSub subwoofer

As advancing technologies have emerged over the last few decades, speaker makers have worked hard to incorporate them into their product designs. New wireless technologies and fancy materials like carbon-fiber and Kevlar have changed the way speakers are made and, for the most part, provided practical improvements in the way we enjoy music and movies at home. Unfortunately, despite all the challenges they present to consumers, subwoofer design has enjoyed the least quantifiable advancement. That is, perhaps, until now. Yesterday, at the CEDIA Expo  in Atlanta, GA, Paradigm introduced what could be an actual revolution in subwoofer design.paradigm announces new milleniasub subwoofer

What Paradigm calls the ‘MilleniaSub’ is a compact, high performance subwoofer with a built in wireless receiver and an unconventional shape that allows it to be placed just about anywhere in a room.  By using two long, oval shaped drivers and a powerfull 900 watt digital amplifier, Paradigm has managed to avoid the typically boxy and often bulky cabinet style that we usually associate with subwoofers. The result is very low profile cabinet that measures 14″ high, 4.75″ deep and 17.75″ long.

At that size, you could successfully hide the MilleniaSub under a couch, chair or table but if you like the idea of your sub being both seen and heard, Paradigm offers an optional  harness that allows the MilleniaSub to be wall mounted. The sub’s cabinet is made of extruded aluminum and the amp is digital so the sub weighs in at just 24 lbs.

While the MilleniaSub does offer the typical array of inputs, it also features a built-in wireless receiver that, when paired with an optional transmitter, will eliminate the need to run RCA cables across the room, through the wall or under the rug-leaving  just the power cord to contend with.

On paper, the MilleniaSub appears to be capable of bass extension that would go toe to toe with a high quality, 10″ ported subwoofer but we’ll have to wait for a review unit until we can say for sure. The high WAF (wife approval factor), however, is apparent and if nothing else, the MilleniaSub could serve to inspire other speaker makers to follow suit with their own ideas for compact subs.

Paradigm reports that the MilleniaSub should be available this November at an MSRP of $1399.00 in either Satin Black or Satin White finishes.