Phiaton to Launch New Audio Line in March

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Along with bringing new gadgets and products by the bucket load, this year’s CES also quietly brought out a brand new company with a whole line of yet-to-launch audio gear. Phiaton, a brand name for products to be produced by Cresyn Company (formerly the manufacturer of only audio parts) will launch an exotic pair of headphones, in-ear phones, and a iPod dock in March.

The PS500 headphones feature an unusual design with ear cups and a headband covered in black, hand-stitched leather. The pieces covering the outter shell of the headphones have a stamped pattern that resembles alligator skin. Phiaton’s in-ear PS200 earphones, however, ditch the “wild” theme for a less-organic miniature turbine design.  They also come with memory foam ear tips designed to block out background noise.

The MS600 may be the most unusual looking new product of all, with two tube-shaped speaker housings joined by a midsection where an iPod docks. It sports a primarily black design with accents of bright red and carbon fiber. Unlike the usual iPod minidocks that launch seemingly every other week, the class D amp in the MS600 puts out an impressive 60 watts. A remote control and AC/DC adaptor are included.

While Phiaton will begin shipping all three products in March, not much else is known about the line, including which distributors will carry the gear and, more crucially, what it will cost.