Meet the Pyle PVTT2u: The mullet of turntables


Business in the front, party in the back has become the highly questionable, official idiom of the mullet.  Perhaps a fan of the mullet, Pyle has tweaked the phrase slightly and is employing it to help market its new Retro Belt-Drive Turntable (PVTT2U). “Business on the outside, party on the inside,” says Pyle, as its attache-like exterior opens up on – you guessed it – a turntable.
Who knew DJ’ing could seem so 9 to 5?

Though we prefer our briefcases lined with rubber-banded Benjamins, a fold-away USB turntable is a nice consolation prize. Pyle’s creatively-concealed device features a rechargeable battery, two built-in anti-magnetic speakers, and a stereo RCA output for use with your home theater equipment. Free Audacity Software is also included for converting vinyl tunes to slightly more portable MP3s.

Last time Pyle went retro, we got this, a hot-rod red, jukebox-y, fusion of old and new awkwardly called the PTR8UR. And this latest go-around is fairly similar. Imbued with quirky awesome-ness? Check. Vinyl-to-digital conversion? Check. Support for three different speeds (33, 45, and 78 RPM)? Check.

If you’re hoping to pay the same $115 you doled out for the PTR8UR, however, you’ll have no such luck. The PVTT2U is available now, and retails for $189.

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