Sock hop meets rave with the retro-styled PTR8UR turntable from Pyle

ptr8ur pyle audio

The latest technology is often heralded for ushering in a new era, but sometimes it’s even cooler when it updates a bygone era. Vinyl records went out of fashion with the masses a long time ago, but there is still a nostalgic niche that loves having their favorite music administered via needle.

Pyle audio hopes to reconcile these two realities with its new PTR8UR turntable. The recently unveiled product is an update on old-school style, featuring a 50s-esque exterior with integrated three-inch speakers, LCD screen, SD Card slot and USB port.

If you’re a nostalgist who isn’t totally stuck in the last century, the PTR8UR also lets you digitize your vinyl, converting your tunes to a more modern, portable format.

Speaking of marginalized technologies, the PTR8UR also features an AM/FM radio and display dial for those who’ve yet to board the internet radio bandwagon. It also supports three different record speeds, including 33 1/3, 45, and 78 RPM, and includes a wireless remote.

Pyle Audio’s new/old turntable is available now for $115, a nice price point for a pretty snazzy device. We may kid about adhering to old times, but everyone needs a little dose of the past every now and then.