R50 Remote Requires No PC, Internet Setup

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Deviating from the new breed of high-end universal remotes that require PCs, Internet connections, and possibly Ph.D.s to set up, Universal Remote Control released a new model on Wednesday that returns to simplicity. The Digital R50 LCD remote can be programmed without any outside gear, and has its entire library of IR codes built right in.

Instead of PC programming, the R50 uses a built-in wizard to walk users through setup right on its own screen. It borrows the Universal Remote’s ProPerfectDatabase from the company’s professional line of products.

The 2-inch LCD display at the top of the remote displays six custom buttons per “page,” of which it can store eight.  Users can choose icons ranging from home theater staples (like a take for a VCR) to channel logos. In total, it can control up to 18 devices.

The R50 is available immediately, and retails for $150.