Samsung reveals new home theater gear ahead of CES 2013

Samsung coolly disclosed details on the highlights of its home theater line-up for 2013 last night. The company is laying claim to introducing the world’s first sound bar system to be equipped with a vacuum tube, a new twist on Bluetooth for TV audio reproduction, gyros that improve sound quality, and an all-in-one home theater system sporting an amplifier made with Gallium Nitride (GaN) (say what?). Here’s a quick breakdown of the vital details:

HW-F750 Vacuum Tube Soundbar

Samsung’s sound bar/wireless subwoofer is the latest item in the company’s digital audio arsenal to feature a vacuum tube in the pre-amp stage. The gorgeous glowing tubes could be as much gimmick as anything else, but we’re OK with that, so long as the system sounds as good as the DA-750 speaker dock or HT-E6500W home theater system we tested last year.

Additionally, the sound bar will feature Bluetooth for wireless audio streaming from certain Samsung TVs, and a built-in gyroscope which is supposed to help adjust the speakers’ sound for optimal results based on the speaker’s positioning.

HT-F9750W 7.1 Home Theater System

This year’s flagship all-in-one home theater system from Samsung also sports a vacuum tube in the pre-amp stage, along with an amplifier that somehow uses Gallium Nitride to make its 1,330-watts just that much more awesome. We look forward to hearing Samsung’s explanation on how that works. In the mean time, it is worth noting that the system’s Blu-ray player will provide 4K/Ultra HD upscaling and an audio override feature which powers the system up and mutes a Samsung TV’s speakers with the press of a button.

DA-F60 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

In addition to serving as a portable wireless speaker, the DA-F60 can double as a miniature sound bar. It features the same Bluetooth capability Samsung touts with the aforementioned vacuum tube model, and apt-x capability for superior sound quality with mobile devices. There’s no mention from Samsung regarding a rechargeable battery for true portability, so we’ll have to wait for Samsung’s press conference to learn more.

BD-F7500 Blu-ray player

Samsung’s top-of-the-line Blu-ray player this year will pack a much faster dual-core chipset than prior years for better image processing and web-browsing speed. 4K/Ultra HD upscaling is included and we’re sure to see a spruced up SmartHub Internet app interface as well.

We’ll be sure to report on how good the new audio line-up sounds, and dig up pricing and availability information when we visit with Samsung during the CES 2013 show.

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