TiVo Launches Home Movie Sharing

TiVo and One True Media hace launched a new service, TiVo Home Movie Sharing, which enables ownersof TiVo Series2 and Series3 subscribers to share home movies with TiVo-owning family and friends via the Internet. Under the service, users would be spared the hassles of mailing DVDs of home movies to far-flung relatives, or dealing with the vagaries of converting video for viewing on the Internet…then wondering who else might be watching it.

Instead, users create a digital video montage at One True Media, upload their favorite videos and photos, and share the montage on their own personal channel only accessible to invited TiVo subscribers. TiVo subscribers then select a Season Pass recording which automatically pulls down the latest content from the channel when it’s updated and adds it to the subscribers’ Now Playing lists.

“TiVo continues to put convenience and control into the hands of consumers and we are pleased to offer our subscribers yet another easy-to-use, exclusive feature that brings a very personal touch to their TiVo experience,” said Katie Ho, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at TiVo. “Rather than posting on public sites or huddling around a computer screen, people can now enjoy these special and personal moments on the best screen in the house—in the living room.”

TiVo isn’t charging anything extra for TiVo users receiving content via the service, but One True Media plans to charge $3.99 a month (or $39.99 per year) for a standard subscription which enables customers to create custom channels. However, a free trial is available through April 30, 2007, which enables users to send up to five creations at no cost.

“One True Media has given people an exciting and fun way to make impressive video montages; now we’re offering an ultra simple way for their friends and family to watch them on a big screen—just like they would watch 24 or American Idol,” said One True Media CEO Mark Moore. “We’re thrilled that this relationship allows our users to benefit even more from this compelling new way to share life’s greatest moments.”