Toshiba’s TDP-PX10U: Mini, but Mighty

Most people would be hard-pressed to find a laptop that weighs 2.9 pounds, much less a projector that can throw a 300-inch screen – but Toshiba’s claiming to produce just that with its TDP-PX10U, announced Tuesday. The tiny 8.3-inch wide, 6.5-inch deep DLP projector puts on a show wherever you bring it, which is pretty much anywhere you want.

The projector’s native resolution of 1,024 x 768 pixels makes it less than ideal for home theater use, but that isn’t its intended purpose. Toshiba markets the projector to mobile professionals who need a lightweight way to present to audiences. A 2,000:1 contrast ratio and solid brightness of 2,200 ANSI lumens should help the projector draw eyes even in well-lit conference rooms.

Also along those professional lines, the PX10U includes a USB port for “PC-free” presentations and an automatic set-up feature, so corporate liaisons can spend their time shaking hands and greeting people instead of cursing at their projectors. Toshiba claims the smart keystone correction system will configure itself for sharp, focused images, even in difficult presentation situations. And to add that always professional squealing-tire sound effect to your PowerPoints, there’s even a 2-watt speaker built in.

The TDP-PX10U is available now directly from Toshiba for $999.