Vizio offers online-only $1700 deal on 70-inch Razor LED Smart TV

VIZIO-E701i-A3-LED-TVToday, Vizio announced it will sell its flagship 70-inch Razor LED Smart TV for $1700 for a limited time, starting Thursday at 9 P.M (Pacific time). The turkey day deal represents a $300 discount from the TV’s normal price point, and while there are always plenty of questionable bargains this time of year, this one looks like a solid offering. The best news of all is that this deal is available ONLY online. In other words: No need to shake off your turkey-induced coma and withstand the madness of the doorbuster lines. You can snap this one up right from where you belong after a Thanksgiving feast – the couch.

So let’s take a closer look at the TV. This 70-inch beast is a fairly cutting edge effort, with LED backlighting, a 120Hz refresh rate, a qwerty-keyboard-equipped smart remote, and a bezel that measures a mere 22mm. It’s TVs like this one that are allowing Vizio to shed its budget-brand skin and occupy a sort of goldilocks zone, not too cheap, not too high-end, just right.

Vizio’s products tend to be a bit more durable than your average budget brand offering, but are still significantly cheaper than those of industry giants like Sony and Panasonic. Knock another $300 of the price point and TVs like the one highlighted in this turkey day special become that much more attractive. A word of advice, however, beware the shipping costs, as an item this large can carry a hefty charge in that department.