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Vizio’s new M-Series and E-Series 4K Ultra HD TVs are smarter and brighter than ever

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Last month, Vizio unveiled its updated P-Series TVs, which improved on the previous models in the series in every way, but had one key feature that we couldn’t wait to see come to other models: SmartCast. The new platform essentially takes the smart functionality out of the P-Series TVs themselves, and instead bakes Google Cast right in, thanks to both a downloadable app and an included 6-inch Android tablet.

Today Vizio announced its updated M-Series and E-Series TVs, which now also feature SmartCast and , for the M-Series, Dolby Vision HDR capability, making upgraded UHD performance a much more affordable option. Technically, all of Vizio’s SmartCast series are displays — not TVs — as over-the-air tuners aren’t included, but considering the feature set, they still have much more in common with a TV than they do a standard display.

As with the P-Series, the M-Series models come with an included 6-inch Android tablet that acts as the remote, but SmartCast is just a standard app, so it can be used on the iOS or Android device of your choice. This also happens to be necessary with E-Series models, as they don’t offer the included tablet remote, which is a decent trade-off considering the lower price.

In addition to playing content as a user would with Google Cast, the SmartCast app also controls all the other main functions of the TV. This includes switching inputs, adjusting the volume, changing settings, and any other controls that would normally require a standalone remote.

Looking at the M-Series, every model not only features 4K resolution, but HDR support via Dolby Vision, with HDR10 coming as well at a later date. HDR content is still fairly limited, but continues to grow, with companies like Vudu, which is increasingly adding HDR movies to its library. Netflix currently streams its original series Marco Polo in HDR, and today announced a slate of additional content that would be available soon in HDR.

The M-Series line is available in sizes from 50-inches to 80-inches. The top of the line 80-inch M80-D3 sells for $4,000, but the next step down in size, the M70-D3, costs half that at $2,000. If you’re willing to trade size for price but still want HDR, the 50-inch M50-D1 sells for a comparatively low $850.

As Vizio’s E-Series is available in a much wider range of sizes, not every model is available with 4K resolution, as it wouldn’t provide much of a visible improvement in smaller sizes. 4K starts with the 43-inch E43u-D2, which sells for $470 and ranges up to the 70-inch E70u-D3, which has an MSRP of $1,700. Standard HD models are available in sizes ranging from the $230 32-inch E32-D1 to the 55-inch E55-D0 for $570.

Vizio says new E-Series models are rolling out now, with the updated M-Series models coming soon. See the company’s website for more information.

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