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Vudu finally dishes up 1080p HDX content for Android while iOS users remain on standby

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Android users are getting an even clearer picture from Vudu. The content delivery network announced Friday that it had upgraded the Vudu app for Android smartphones and tablets. The revamped version now supports HD and HDX viewing for those running Android Lollipop or higher, among other improvements.

The upgrade to the app is one that the company is calling “Empire Strikes Back big,” and it sounds like they may be onto something. For viewers using the service on their compatible Androids, video quality will be higher than ever. Not only will they be able to enjoy video content in 720p (HD), they’ll also be able to view in 1080p (HDX).

Additional upgrades have also enhanced the overall viewing experience, including an improved portrait mode for smartphones. On top of that, auto-filling search suggestions have been added, navigation is made easier, and performance is faster and more efficient, according to Vudu. Those who get the new app and already have Vudu downloads will have to re-download heir content after they upgrade, but the company promises it’ll be worth it now that they’re using a “slick” new video format.

Vudu shared the news about the upgraded app on Twitter Friday.

Vudu users with iOS devices may be feeling a little green with envy, as there isn’t an app that will allow them to play or download HD or HDX content just yet. Chromecast and PC users, on the other hand, already had the ability to enjoy the HD and HDX viewing experience. They will, however, benefit from the new and improved auto-search.

Vudu continues to offer all of its users the ability to stream and download TV shows, movies, and more. The service supports UltraViolet movie playback, Disney Movies Anywhere movie playback, and Google Chromecast. It’s also on Smart TVs, Macs and PCS, Roku, and Internet-connected DVD/Blu-ray players, as well as gaming consoles such as Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and Playstation 3.

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