You’ll need 3D glasses to fully appreciate this crazy wallpaper

Do not attempt to adjust your vision; the walls are supposed to make you feel like you’re a little myopic. That’s because you need 3D glasses to properly view the design.

The result of a collaboration between Sarah Strauss, architect and professor at Pratt Institute School of Art and Design and online wallpaper shop Twenty2, Deep 3D wallpaper acts just like a 3D movie: It looks one way (kind of fuzzy) as is, then transforms into something that pops when you don the requisite glasses. Kyra and Robertson Hartnett, the pair behind Twenty2, insist the décor looks just as good to the naked eye as it does in 3D.

The wallpaper debuted at design show ICFF with five designs from Strauss’s students. They’re all a mix of grays, red, and cyan. LuzElena Wood calls her Laura Ashley-inspired design, Bloom, a “floral explosion.” Whee! from designer Leticia Pardo is a nod to the Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ song a rollercoaster of love. Nadia Shaheen’s VikingR is a mishmash of Viking heads, waves, and ships. “There’s so much depth to these cultures and their heritage,” she says in a video from Twenty2. You might not immediately be able to decipher Isabell Jansen’s Forest for the Trees, but you’ll have no trouble seeing the birches with the glasses. Strauss’s own design is called Falls and looks like undulating waves.

If you’re a fan of 3D, beware: The wallpaper costs a pretty penny. Prices range from $58 to $110 per yard.

We came across some other really cool wallpaper recently, thanks to Core 77. A collaboration between Calico Wallpaper and BCXSY, the Inverted Spaces series takes images of galaxies and starry configurations from the Hubble Space Telescope and writes them large in silvers and gold on your wall – no eye-enhancing equipment necessary.