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Abode expands line of smart home devices with doorbell, light bulbs at CES 2022

Abode has announced two new additions to its existing lineup of smart home products at CES 2022. The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell beams live 2K footage to your phone, or to the cloud with a subscription plan. It boasts full-color night vision, wire-free installation, and two-way audio.

As you would hope, the doorbell is certified to weather the outdoors with an IP65 waterproof rating. It comes with a companion Chime device to act as the bell indoors. On the software side, the Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is able to differentiate people from other kinds of movement, which can help you triage notifications appropriately. This capability is expected to expand to pets and packages in the future.

Adobe color LED light bulb.

Abode is also showing off its first smart color LED light bulbs. The pump out 800 lumens of brightness and don’t require a hub to operate. White temperatures range from 1,800K to 6,500K, so you get the full spectrum of cool to warm, and the 90+ color rendering index rating means you can reproduce loads of colors faithfully. If you’re looking for a wider range of functions, Abode has a subscription service for smart home and security automations that these color bulbs can take advantage of. The Cue system lets you set multiple triggers, define conditions, and add blackout periods. It plugs into all of the major smart home ecosystems you could need, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We were big fans of the Abode Cam 2, and hope the wireless doorbell follows closely in its footsteps. Abode is host to a full family of highly affordable smart home security products. They’re a wide range of sensors that can detect motion, smoke, water leaks, doors and windows opening, and humidity. Adjacent products like security cameras, key fobs, and keypads are all available as well. With relatively low prices and something for every corner of the house, Abode is bringing a lot to the table for those hoping to kit out their whole home in one fell swoop.

The Abode Wireless Video Doorbell is shipping in April for a scant $80, while the Abode Color Bulbs are available now as a pair for $30.

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