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Until you get the house in Malibu, Atmoph might give the next best ‘view’

What if you could look outside your window and see the rolling waves of a Hawaiian beach? One device may be able to turn this vision into a reality, regardless of where you live.

Meet the Atmoph Window. This digital “window” can go anywhere on your walls, and it’s designed to stream 4K-shot videos and sound. Whether you want to look “outside” and see the snow-covered Alps or a white-sand beach, the Atmoph Window makes it happen. What makes it different from just a regular TV, the makers claim, is that it’s “always on,” so you’ll consistently have something interesting going on.

All of the videos the device streams are filmed using a 4K professional camera and high-performance microphone. This means that you’ll not only see a lush, green rainforest, but you’ll hear all of its unique sounds, too. The Atmoph Window has a 27-inch high-contrast display and a 3-watt speaker.

Right out of the box, it comes with pre-installed videos, but you can download more videos via Wi-Fi once you add Atmoph Window to your network. The device can connect to your Android or iPhone, which allows you to change videos or add more to your collection. You’ll have 32GB of storage to save what you want.

However, Atmoph Window isn’t just a video and photo-streaming device; it’s also a clock with an alarm. It can also display the weather or your calendar. For additional convenience, Atmoph Window has a proximity sensor at the top of its frame. Simply pause your hand in front of it, and it’ll allow you to manage the settings of the device with your fingers.

If you want the Atmoph Window to show some variety, you can schedule it to show specific videos through the day. Finally, the device comes in four different frames: Oak, Walnut, White and Black. Fitting this window into your existing interior design should be no problem.

If you want to get your hands on an Atmoph Window, make an early-bird pledge of $499 on the device’s Kickstarter page. It’ll ship to you by March 2016, and you’ll save $200 off of the retail price.

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