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August Home partners with Deliv to thwart would-be porch pirates

August Home and Deliv introduce August Access
You find that high-definition TV you’ve been dreaming of mounting on your wall for 50 percent off and excitedly click the order button. Score! Then, the anxiety rolls in. Will it arrive when you’re not at home? How long will it sit in that shiny, enticing box that might as well be screaming “steal me” near your front door before you can get it safely inside? What if a porch pirate swipes it?

August Home, the maker of smart locks, is hoping to rid the problem of pesky porch pirates forever.

“August is like this virtual doorman. He’s standing in front of their house asking ‘what’s the code?”.

Not to be outdone by the recent launch of Amazon Key, August has teamed up with same-day delivery service Deliv to create August Access, a partnership that allows delivery people into your home to drop off packages, even if you aren’t there. The cloud-based service was announced at CES 2018  and can be used with all existing August and Yale locks.

“August is like this virtual doorman,” August CEO Jason Johnson told Digital Trends. “He’s standing in front of their house and asking ‘what’s the code?’”

Here’s how it works: August Access customers can order something from the retailers that partner with Deliv (like Best Buy or Macy’s) and can choose same-day delivery. When the delivery person rings the doorbell, a notification is sent to the customer via the August app. If no one answers the door, the delivery person is issued a one-time passcode, enters the customer’s home, drops off the package, and leaves. Similar to Amazon Key, customers can choose to watch the transaction via the August app or a security camera if they wish.

“In-home delivery provides an exciting new paradigm for shoppers, freeing up time while goods and groceries are safely and securely delivered inside the home,” Johnson said, adding that August Access isn’t going to be just limited to Deliv. “The goal is to offer any retailer secure in-home delivery. We are literally opening that up to any retailer or service provider who will abide by our standards.”

Businesses can get in on the action as well. August, which was just purchased by security and lock giant Assa Abloy, means that there will be integration with several parent company platforms. Deliv currently works with more than 4,000 retailers, including meal kit services, groceries, furniture stores, electronics, and jewelry.

“Through this unique partnership, we are bringing a bit of magic to the shopping experience,” said Daphne Carmeli, CEO of Deliv. “Deliv provides the last-mile fulfillment solution for a broad retailer network across the country while August Home supplies the technology to take the final step into the home.”

This isn’t August’s first foray into in-home delivery. Last summer August announced a similar partnership with Walmart in a few test markets as well as partnerships with HomeAway and Airbnb to give customers access to rental properties.

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