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Here are 5 of the best wine apps to get your juices flowing

Whether you’re a fine wine connoisseur or your only wine knowledge is the difference between a white and a red, there’s a wine app for you. Our list of the top five best wine apps can help you organize your wine collection, keep a tasting diary, learn about wines, make a wine buying wish list or pair the right wine with your meal. There’s even an app that can suggests wines you might like using artificial intelligence. Here are some of our favorites.



If you are a wine collector, the VinoCell wine storage app (for iPhone) is a must.  A particularly unique feature is its cellar graphing tool. You can map out the location of each and every bottle on your shelves so you always know how to find the bottle you need without disturbing the others. To add your newest bottle to your collection, you can use the app’s database to search over 1 million wines. Once VinoCell has found the wine, it will help you fill out the information about the new wine automatically. This app will keep track of every wine you have in your wine cooler, complete with all of the details, including an image, vintage, number of stored bottles, current price, maturity, volume, a tasting score, and more.

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VinoCell also has a tasting diary so you can keep track of the brands and vintages you love, and a pairing tool so your meals always have the perfect wine companion. Plus, VinoCell has a wishlist that keeps track of wines you want to purchase.

Hello Vino

While VinoCell is more for the hardcore collectors, Hello Vino (for Android and iPhone) is for those who are newer to wine and need some basic help. Think of this app as your robot sommelier that uses artificial intelligence to come up with wine choices you may like. To start, the app asks you questions to find out what type of flavors you enjoy, then it uses that data to pick wine options for you.

If you find a wine you really like, you can scan the label and the app will make a note of the flavors in that bottle so it can make smarter recommendations. It will also keep track of all the wines you’ve enjoyed so you have a list of favorites to reference when you go wine shopping.


Wine-Searcher  (for Android and iPhone) is an app for those who like wine, but are on a budget. It helps you get the best price for that bottle you’ve been wanting, while offering you reviews of the wine and information on the best years to purchase.

If you like drinks types of alcoholic beverages, the app can also compare the prices of rum, tequila, bourbon, cognac, whisky, gin and beer, too. It also has a wine diary so you can keep track of your favorites and an encyclopedia that can teach you about various grape types and growing regions.


Delectable (for Android and iPhone) has been a favorite app of wine lovers for many years. It not only functions as a wine journal, but it uses social media to allow you to take a peek at what others are drinking as well. It acts as its own social media app for wine connoisseurs, too. You can use it to follow the world’s leading sommeliers, winemakers and wine critics.

The app also helps you pick a wine. Don’t know if you want to purchase a certain bottle? Scan the label using the app and it will show you ratings from drinkers around the world. Once you’ve decided, you can use the app to purchase the wine and have it shipped to you.

Decanter’s Know Your Wine

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Are you a future oenophile or sommelier? Don’t know what those words mean? This app can help. Decanter’s Know Your Wine app (for iPhone) is strictly for those that want to become more knowledgeable about wine. It uses what is called ‘spaced repetition’ to teach you wine facts quickly and easily. As you progress through the app, your rank increases until you become a Know Your Wine Grand Master.

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