Meet the Biota Saltwater Aquarium, a sustainable way to bring the ocean to you

If you can’t go to the ocean, bring the ocean to you. Or at least, some of its life. Meet the Biota Saltwater Aquarium, branded as “the most sustainable and humane aquarium on the planet.” Promising to take “nothing from our oceans,” this is one environment that is totally eco-friendly.

The goal of the aquarium, according to its website, is to “help reconnect people with nature through marine life education, inspiring them to look after our planet.” And what better way to do that than to highlight the natural beauty of the ocean by placing it in your home? All the fish, live rock, and coral found in the Biota aquarium are “captive bred in a sustainable manner,” which ensures that absolutely nothing is taken out of the ocean. And because the Biota is an all-in-one solution, it comes complete with a tank, fish, and accessories, so you’re not hunting for various components (which may or may not be sustainable themselves).

Biota maintains its own marine life nursery on the Pacific island of Palau, one of the largest marine reserves in the world. All the fish found in these aquariums come from a local facility, and are then conditioned at Biota’s Marine Life Center in Florida along with the live rock and corals. Moreover, for each fish bought from Biota, another is released into Palau’s protected waters. And donations to Biota are sent to ocean conservation efforts via 1$ for the Planet.

 The Biota promises simple setup in just four steps, with the Biota team available and on call to answer any questions. And thanks to the unique, modern floating base design of this saltwater aquarium, it’ll fit the decor of any home with a sleek, modern look. “Biota was founded to help inspire the next generation of marine enthusiasts,” its makers note. “By keeping a saltwater aquarium, one can truly connect with marine life.”