Claustrophobic? The tiniest home in Rome is only 75 square feet of space

There’s no room to roam in this Roman home. Designed and owned by architect Marco Pierazzi, the tiny space has a bathroom, kitchen, and even a loft bedroom. He calls it “The smallest house in Italy,” and we’re choosing to believe him, because the alternative is too disquieting.

The bed rests atop a trap door, so any sort of late-night emergency would require some scrambling to access the first floor. The small space doesn’t house any full-time residents now; Pierazzi and his wife vacated after the birth of their child. Understandable, since the kid probably would’ve had to sleep in the sink. Instead, the architect now lends it out to friends and family looking for a place to stay during a Roman holiday. We wonder how much it would go for on Airbnb?