Clif Climber Pouch simplifies wine-tasting in the great outdoors

clif climber pouch simplifies wine tasting in the great outdoors web ready 0219

If you’ve ever tried to bring bottles of wine with you on a long hike or camping trip, you know that toting big glass bottles around is neither lightweight or easy. And if you manage to break a bottle on the way, good luck with that. Red wine-soaked sleeping bags don’t make for a good start to a weekend in the woods. Clif Family Winery & Farm has come up with an environmentally-friendly solution for wine drinkers who also happen to be adventurers. The Climber pouch ($17 for 1.5L) is ultra-lightweight and easy to carry just about anywhere. The packaging has a tiny carbon footprint in comparison to glass bottles, and the pouch can be resealed to keep wine fresh for up to a month. The Climber pouch is available in Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon varietals and even has a built-in carrying handle. The company is also a member of an organization that donates one percent of sales to help the environment, and we can always get down with that.