Coffeeboxx is a tough caffeine machine that you can literally park a truck on

Not everyone works in a place like Digital Trends, where we sip our piping hot brew fresh out of the machine. The only thing our coffee maker needs to withstand is the occasional assault from a Nerf gun. Not so for those who work in construction zones. That’s where the Coffeeboxx comes in.

Created by Oxx, the machine was built to be “crush-proof, dust-proof, spill-proof, rust-proof, water resistant, [and] impact resistant.” All that proof doesn’t come light: It’s 11 pounds, without the removable 2.5-liter (84.5-ounce) capacity removable water tank filled. Despite that massive reserve of water, the maker only brews one (8-, 10-, or 12-ounce) cup at a time, using K-cup pods.

The Coffeeboxx went through rigorous, very un-standard tests, according to Oxx. In the video (which is very, very reminiscent of machismo-laden truck commercials), the team proves the brewer is spill-proof by tossing it in the back of a pickup and letting it slide around the bed as they skid through turns. They put it through a small explosion and park a Jeep Wrangler atop four Coffeeboxxes; the device comes out unscathed, thanks to its impact-resistant polymers.

The machine meets IP55 standards, meaning it’s protected against dust and water jets. It’s important to note that dust might still enter, but it won’t interfere with the machine’s operation. It’s possible the coffee could taste a little gritty at a worksite.

Construction workers who prefer tea to coffee can whip up a cup with the Coffeeboxx, as it has a separate hot water system. It also works for just-add-hot-water meals.

The Coffeeboxx, which is expected to ship March 2015, is available for pre-order for $299. Oxx is also running a Kickstarter campaign, which still has some available at a discounted price of $200.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to see if our coffee pot can withstand the weight of a Barbie Jeep.