Color Sliders for Your Wardrobe: ShirtsMyWay Custom Tailors Dress Shirts

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Sites like CafePress have made custom t-shirts with your favorite band logo or goofy DIY illustration old hat for years now, but customizing anything other than weekend wear hasn’t been doable without a trip to the local tailor. That changed early last month with the launch of ShirtsMyWay, a site for custom dress shirts that allows users to choose everything from the color of the buttonholes to the measurement across the chest, and order up their creations online.

Using the site’s fully online design tool, Web surfers can start with a literal blank canvas – a white Oxford dress shirt – and tweak it till heart’s content. That process begins with 17 different fabric swatches and 12 different shirt components to apply them to, then carries on through every excruciating detail of shirt design. That includes a choice of five different types of buttons (and 10 different colors for the stitching around the button hole), seven different collar styles (plus the option to have collar stays sewn in or removable) and even a fully customizable monogram (with options for color, font and placement). All told, ShirtsMyWay says it offers a possible 7 trillion different designs using the options included.

The company charges for the base fabric selection – changing other options has no impact on price. That means shirts are either $59 or $69, depending on the base fabric choice, and worldwide shipping is free.