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Crush the rebel dogs with a ‘Stars Wars’ AT-AT cat condo

Here at Digital Trends, we’re all for treating your pets with the appropriate amount of nerdy love, but we do have to question arming cats. Especially when you arm them with an actual imperial AT-AT. That’s just begging for an Imperial Kitten Empire led by Darth Catious.

Reddit user, BillyAppletini, created his CAT-AT as a joke for a friend who loves Star Wars and happens to own two cats. Mr. Appletini is quite the friend, especially since he spent almost a month building the CAT-AT in secrecy.

While the outside of the CAT-AT is quite impressive looking, and we particularly enjoy the clock installed in the head, it’s the interior that impresses even more. Check out some of the detail shots in the gallery above to see among other things a light-up bar, some bird-head hunting trophies and a fake plant. Appletini’s friend’s cats are living the high life.

We have to admit, we’re a little jealous of those cats and their nearly $1,000 house.

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