Cube Tube vertical ice tray is designed to prevent water spillage

cube tube vertical ice tray by quirky

It’s pretty darn near impossible to get through a heat wave summer like this year’s without a nice cold drink. But that dreaded walk between the sink and the freezer with that full tray of water in your ice tray! It’s hard to decide between pacing to the freezer to get new ice done as soon as possible while trying not to make a mess. The new Cube Tube design by Quirky aims to help make the ice-making process much simpler by eliminating the chance of water spillage and reducing space traditional ice trays take up in your fridge.

The tube-based design allows you to fill it up with water, whether from your sink, bottled, or filtered water up until a marker point. Afterward, just insert the flexible divider to cut the ice cubes into its correct pieces and store it in your freezer. When it’s ready to go, tap the bottom against a hard surface to loosen the ice cubes and pull the divider outward. Each individual cube should fall out without you needing to twist and accidentally breaking the pieces of ice. This design seems pretty kid-friendly, and should make whoever’s responsible for cleaning the house happy to not see spills all over the place.

cube tube vertical ice tray quirkyAccording to the design, the tube contains a slight draft to make pulling the divider out easier. Since the divider is inserted after the tube is filled with water, the ice cubes also contain a unique, curved shape. One full tube is able to make 14 cubes at a time, and the plastic is food safe in case you may want to try making soda-based ice cubes or other types of beverages. Just make sure the ice is completely frozen and ready to go before pulling the divider up or you’ll definitely be in for a splash.

As with all Quirky products, if you love it, you gotta give it your input. Known as the crowdsourcing mecca for industrial designers, you can visit the Cube Tube product page now to suggest an appropriate price you’d be willing to pay for the item as well as to throw in any two cents you may have to make it even better.

If Quirky ends up mass producing the product, how much do you think the Cube Tube should cost? We’re thinking somewhere between $5 to $9.