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This innovative DiMo lamp lets you ‘plunge’ light like a coffee plunger

DiMO, Control your light
In an age of smart lighting, there are plenty of cool ways of keeping your room bright and well-lit — but we’ve never seen anything quite like the DiMo lamp before.

A new project currently raising funds on Kickstarter, DiMo resembles a coffee plunger more than a traditional lamp: allowing users to “plunge” light to either dim or enhance the level of light the DiMo emits.

“The idea originally came from looking at liquid in a syringe, and wondering whether you could achieve a similar effect with light,” co-creator Ortal Menashri tells Digital Trends. “We started experimenting and found that not only was it possible, but the effect was really striking. Very quickly we moved on to building prototypes.”

There is nothing new about dimmers, of course, but there’s something pleasingly tactile about the ability to either push down or lift a plunger as a way of controlling a lamp’s light intensity. Aside from this innovative “compressing” and “expanding” light element — achieved using 24-volt LEDs — DiMo also boasts a high-quality, handcrafted beech-wood exterior.

Once the fundraising part of the project (hopefully) hits its target goal of 20,000 pounds ($26,300), husband and wife Omer and Ortal Menashri say they have numerous ideas about directions they want to take DiMo in. “Going forward, we’ve got plenty of ways we could expand this,” Ortal said. “We’re thinking about different color lights, maybe even lights that are capable of creating a certain shape or effect inside the tube. Another concept could be a version of the lamp that you don’t have to plug in. I can see so much potential for this. It’s a really exciting time for us.”

“Our dream is to be able to bring more innovative products to the table to share with the world, and have our own line of well-known products,” added Omer. Visit the Kickstarter page if you want to take the plunge.

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