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Home8 simplifies home security with its do-it-yourself starter kits

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Many people worry about their home security and its ability to protect their valuable possessions when they leave town. But the idea of setting up a home security system involving separate bits and bobs to purchase and install, and making your home even smarter than it already is, can be quite daunting. Home8 recently introduced its Action View kits as an entry-level home automation and security solution that contains everything users would need for basic home security. The Home8 DIY security starter kits give users focused functionality while eliminating the need to purchase expensive add-ons.

The three kits are Door & Window, Garage Control, and Valuable Tracking. All three include high-resolution Wi-Fi cameras to give users in-app real-time video verification, so users can record a security event or simply check in on things at home.

The Valuable Tracking system is designed specifically to keep an eye on valuable possessions as well as hazardous items that require monitoring. It can keep track of specific objects, and you will receive push notifications when the tracked object’s position moves. The 24/7 live video streamed directly to your mobile device will give you full visibility into the activities around the house at all times.

The Garage Control system monitors the entrance that many people use instead of the front door: the garage door. If you frequently spend the day fretting about whether you closed that door when you left home, this system will let you visually verify that you did not accidentally leave it open. The motion detection feature will also send push notifications to your mobile device if a security event is triggered.

The Door & Window system secures your home entrance and, like the above two systems, allows you to monitor home activities from your smartphone, no matter where you are. When the sensor is triggered, you’ll receive alert notifications directly to your mobile device.

Joe Liu, CEO of Home8, explains that the kits fill a void in the home automation and security market. “Many consumers want to get into the home security and home automation markets, but they’re held back by several factors,” he said. “Cost certainly is one. But what’s more, a good percentage don’t want the full level of functionality that these systems provide – at least not right away. But they want the ability to expand the system’s capabilities as their needs evolve. We’ve solved these issues with low-cost systems in security and home automation that provide singular functionality to meet immediate consumer needs, but can be easily upgraded.”

The price for each system is $99 on

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