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In the face of encroaching competition, Drizly expands its offerings

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We should’ve known that the fastest way to make a million dollars would be to get thirsty customers their alcohol on demand. But alas, Boston-based Drizly beat us to the punch. And now, it’s proving that it’s more than a one million dollar idea — in fact, the company has just raised another $2 million in a Series B funding round (bringing the total to around $35 million), and it seems like things are going better than ever in the booze business.

While Drizly started as a delivery service for your favorite libations, the company has recently shifted its focus a bit and partnered with liquor stores to help take advantage of e-Commerce and sell their products to customers digitally. In fact, the Drizly app will show you how different brick and mortar stores price their beer, wine, and liquor, along with their delivery or pick-up availability. And as Drizly grows up, TechCrunch points out, they’re looking to move away from the on-demand realm, and become more of a central hub for all things alcohol.

As co-founder and CEO Nick Rellas told TechCrunch, Drizly is hoping to offer more services and features, and also offer them to more of the United States. “We’re starting to go into more suburban areas and even more rural areas where a store may not be able to offer delivery across longer distances,” he said, “And while we’re offering in-store pickup as an option in some markets now, we’ll roll that out across the US soon.”

You’ll also soon be able to get personalized alcohol recommendations from Drizly (as if you needed more of a reason to drink). Whether you’re interested in seeing the best vintages from your favorite vineyards or hoping to throw the trendiest party with the most happening drinks of the moment, Drizly can help. The goal, Rellas noted, is to keep customers engaged while making their shopping experience more seamless.

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