Smart kitchen scale Drop now guides you through making a perfect cocktail

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Measuring cups and teaspoons can be pretty inaccurate when it comes to using the right amount of flour in making a cake, which is why some bakers and chefs prefer to use scales. Two hundred grams of flour ends up being more precise than a cup, so you should have more consistent results.

Drop, the smart kitchen scale, takes this a step further by adding some brains to the scale. If you’ve overfilled your tablespoon, it will make the necessary adjustments to the rest of the recipe. If you don’t have a certain ingredient, it offers up alternatives. Essentially, the device makes it very, very hard to mess up a recipe. While Drop started out as primarily a baking tool, it soon added recipes, and now there’s some mixology in the mix.

Drop Kictchen Scale App CocktailsDrop also just announced its new iPhone app (previously you had to use an iPad), so you can bust out the bourbon, snag the simple syrup, and start making an old fashioned. When you open the Drop app and select your cocktail, it will tell you all the ingredients you need. You put your glass on the scale, and it guides you through the next steps. And instead of having to pull out your jigger or measuring glass, you can pour straight from the bottle into the glass. As it registers the weight of the liquid on the scale, the app shows you a visual to let you know when to stop pouring.

Drop created the recipes for the cocktails in-house, based on classic instructions for making mojitos, margaritas, and other drinks. The team is hoping to pair with mixologists to bring more recipes to the app in the future.