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Dyson is more than just vacuums — it patented a ‘high-velocity’ hairbrush

dyson hairbrush supersonic hair dryer
What is the best company to buy your haircare products from? Your vacuum company, of course. At least, that is what Dyson is hoping, now that it appears to be working on its second hair product — a “high-velocity” hairbrush. It is the follow-up to last year’s Supersonic hairdryer, a $400 appliance that one might hope would also dry your tears after spending $400 on a hairdryer.

According to a report from the Evening Standard, the British company has plans for a high-velocity hairbrush that employs its famous vacuum cleaner technology to rid your hair of water as you style it. According to a patent filed with the U.K.’s Intellectual Property Office, this appliance “can be used with or without a heater” and creates a “drying effect” due to “the action of the outflow of fluid at high velocity.” Because why just blow dry or brush your hair when you can do both at the same time?

The patent also gives us some insights as to how the device might work, noting, “Hair is wrapped around the head whilst air or fluid exits through the slots, drying the hair and/or styling the hair into curls and waves.” With the brush’s various rows of single and double brushes, as well as a number of “small apertures,” you will be able to detangle your hair and also prevent your brush from getting bogged down with mousse or hairspray.

So will it actually be useful? According to some hair experts, like hair salon owner Biagio Morreale, it will certainly make things more convenient. “A hot brush is good if you’re doing your own hair because the problem with a brush and hairdryer is you need two hands — but this way you’ve got a hand spare,” Morreale told the Evening Standard.

While nothing about the high-velocity hairbrush is official yet, if you’ve been in search of something to spruce up your morning routine, this may just be it.

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