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Egg Minder smart tray lets you remotely check the freshness of your eggs

Quirky Egg Minder phone
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We’re not exaggerating when we say nearly everything – EVERYTHING! – is becoming app enabled. Traditional air conditioners? Check. Light bulbs? Check. Egg cartons? Yeah, check that too. It’s come to a point where we’re starting to put gadgets inside the refrigerator.

Quirky Egg Minder appThe latest design from the Quirky + GE partnership, the Egg Minder is a “smart egg tray” that syncs via Wi-Fi so you can use your phone to check how many eggs are left in the basket, urr, carton. It’ll also let you know when the oldest one got in there so you know how fresh your eggs are, and how many you might need to pick up on the next trip to the supermarket. The proposed app lets you select each egg one by one to check its shelf life. Each tray holds up to 14 eggs, and needs two AA batteries to run.

Of course, that’s just a feature to use when you’re not at home. When you’re getting ready to cook and want to see which eggs to use first, a built-in LED light also denotes which egg is the oldest, and therefore needs to go before the rest. The tray can respond to when the fridge is opened so it won’t start blinking when the door is closed, saving battery. Additionally, a plastic cap keeps the entire tray covered to prevent accidental breakage. 

Egg Minder Quirky smart traySince the Egg Minder just moved over from its design to the “Upcoming” prototype phase, Quirky still needs your help deciding price point. How much would you pay for the added convenience? If you household goes through a lot of eggs on a regular basis, we’re thinking somewhere between $15 to $25 seems worth the investment and high tech-ness. Plus, we’ve always wanted to stick gadgets in our fridge and see if they last – and this cool tool actually has a purpose!

Watch Quirky CEO Ben Kaufman demonstrate the Egg Minder in the video below.

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