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Eight Sleep’s Pod bed keeps you cool (or warm) and tells you how you’re sleeping

People have struggled for years to find an easy way to keep their bed at a comfortable temperature, but a new high-tech bed might make those trials a thing of the past. Eight Sleep, the world’s first sleep fitness company, unveiled its new bed: The Pod. This bed is packed with a lot of interesting features that regulate temperature, track biometric readings, integrate with existing smart home tech, and even provide sleep coaching to users.

This might seem like a lot for a bed, but multiple scientific studies have shown that too little sleep (or poor quality sleep) has clear ties to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and a shortened lifespan over time — and those same studies show that Americans average just 6.8 hours of sleep per night. Sleep is an important part of maintaining your health, and The Pod can help optimize your sleep patterns.

The Pod is designed with an adaptive foam bed that makes it a comfortable sleeping experience, even with all of the built-in sensors. The foam consists of four distinct layers that allow it to adapt to any sleeping position. It is also divided into two sections so each side of the bed has its own temperature controls and biometric tracking.

The temperature control works through water cooling. The Pod contains a reservoir (called The Hub) that lets the bed warm and cool according to your specifications. The temperature range is anywhere from 55 to 115 degrees, although it’s tough to imagine sleeping on a 115-degree mattress.

One of the interesting features in The Pod is the Thermo Alarm. This setting begins to cool the bed in the minutes leading up to your set wake-up time. With no sound and no vibration, it is the perfect way to wake up without disturbing your partner. And with easy integration to other smart home tech, you can set your coffee pot to begin brewing the moment you get out of bed.

The Pod can be reserved for $95, with the remaining balance due when the bed ships in April. The Pod starts at $1,995 for a Full, $2,295 for a Queen, and $2,495 for a King and California King. Eight Sleep is offering its customers a 100-night trial with free returns.

Eight Sleep hopes that users will monitor their biometrics during the night and learn how to make their night-time environment more conducive to a full night’s sleep. The Pod might seem like just a fancy bed, but all of the built-in technology poses a solution to fighting back against sleep deprivation, one night at a time.

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