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No, it’s not an acorn-shaped tiny home, it’s an Escape Pod

It’s undeniably a work of art, but it also looks a lot like a giant acorn. This is the Escape Pod, a hand-crafted, elliptical, rotating pod crafted in the woods of rural England and designed to serve as an organic, sun-kissed haven for artists, writers, or anyone in need of a peaceful little timeout.

The pod, which measures just over 75 square feet, is almost obsessively designed and crafted, focusing on hardwood and other contemporary materials. To achieve its organic, woodsy design, the Escape Pod utilizes innovative computer numerical control (CNC) milling as well as personal craftsmanship. The main structure hinges on birch plywood, selected for its aesthetic qualities as well as its durability. On the inside, cedar hinges adorn the pod, while the stair and window sills as crafted from European oak, which is both durable and water-resistant. Its contemporary interior provides a great space to work, meditate, socialize or sleep.

Among its more striking features is an aircraft-style plug door with a unique wooden hinge mechanism as well as a domed skylight. The pod also rests on a raised platform about a foot and a half off the ground, which allows the entire structure to be rotated to catch the sun.

Other options include heating (either a wood burner or underfloor) as well as electrical installations and insulation. However, the creators can tailor each pod to suit any client’s needs, from window placement to the internal finish and furnishings.

The ellipsoid pod has an adaptable interior, currently available in four pre-configured versions designed to serve as an office, studio, garden retreat or the ultimate “glamping pod.” The office, for example, contains integrated storage, power sockets and enough room for two people to work, while the garden room can easily seat up to 10 people for socializing. The “snug” version has a raised mattress to watch the stars through a domed skylight, and the studio includes a drawing table and day bed.

The Escape Pod is the brainchild of Podmakers, Ltd., a boutique enterprise that designs and crafts the product in the Gloucester, England countryside.

Prices for the Escape Pod start at $26,700, although final cost is dependent on the pod’s configuration, customization, and shipping. The structure does not require a foundation; instead, each pod is delivered to the client’s site and installed by crane or forklift.

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