Facebook oven mitt is the only way you can Dislike a status update

Facebook Like oven mitt thumbs up

Facebook never made a Dislike button, so why wait for the social media giant to get on it and just thumbs down things in real life with this life-size Facebook oven mitt? Alternatively, you can exaggerate your Like for the delicious things that come out of your kitchen. Who needs Facebook friends when you’ve got freshly baked cookies? Besides, to actively dislike something with this glove, you’ll have to wear it upside down, and that’s pretty awkward.

Facebook Like oven mittWhile the oven mitt itself is not a Facebook-branded item, everyone will know exactly what this shape references. To the design’s credit, the glove is also made in Milan, Italy so you can somewhat boast its fashionable background. The universally-sized mitt is made with classic cotton containing medium thermal insulation. Make sure to not use your Facebook mitt with live fire however; the product has no direct flame resistance so keep it networking with low key kitchen activities.

You can purchase your own Facebook Like mitt at €22.5, or about $28 USD, with free shipping worldwide. Enrique Luis Sardi, the mitt’s designer, says it best: “This glove has swag.” Do you agree? If not, then maybe you’ll want to opt for the Pixel Oven Mitt over on Amazon that looks exactly like it sounds at $10 a pair.

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