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Don’t go shopping, just shop your closet with the new website Finery

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You have so much to think about already, and the last thing you need crowding your mind is your crowded closet. There’s a new website that understands this, and is here to help. Meet Finery, the self-described wardrobe operating system. Finery’s patent-pending technology promises to help you organize, style, and indeed shop your entire wardrobe so that you’re making the most out of the clothes that you own.

Founded by former CNN anchor Whitney Casey, Finery relies upon technology instead of manual entry to catalog your closet. Rather than forcing you to go through your closet and input every piece you own, Finery instead syncs with your email, scouring your inbox for your online shopping receipts, and then uploading your purchases to a virtual wardrobe. For anything you bought offline, you can either upload a photo, or search or Google to make the addition. Then, once everything is populated, you can organize by color, designer, occasion, or more, and create a look.

“We weren’t happy with the products that were out there that were essentially a really fancy album where you had to take the pictures, upload them and put all the information in,” Casey told Forbes. “Finery is basically a soup-to-nuts wardrobe operating system so you can take care of every aspect from organizing to shopping to styling all in one place and anywhere you want to go you have your wardrobe in your pocket.”

The goal is for Finery to ultimately be able to serve as your personal stylist, as the website is hoping to create algorithms that will tell you what you ought to wear to a cocktail party or to your friend’s thesis presentation. Finery is also hoping to recommend pieces that you may need to complete your outfits. But the ultimate goal, Casey noted, is to help customers save money.“I really want to encourage people not to buy more,” Casey said. “This is one of the only consumer products out there that is actually helping you manage your own stuff, not sell you more.”

So the next time you want to go shopping, just go to your closet, and take Finery with you.

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