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With a TV and built-in stereo system, this is a bed you’ll never want to get out of

The Pod from Furlenco
As far as innovative bed tech goes, having the ability to adjust the firmness of the mattress or position of the headrest is about as good as it gets. That is, unless you live in one of three Indian cities — Bangalore, Mumbai, or Pune. This holiday season, residents lucky enough to call one of these cities home have the ability to rent a modern marvel of a bed dubbed the Pod. This tech-heavy bed’s built-in 32-inch TV, Bluetooth compatibility, charging ports, and other useful additions firmly plant it in the 21st century.

Designed and manufactured by the India-based company Furlenco, the Pod boasts 2:1 channel speakers and companion subwoofer, a bookshelf (who’s really going to use that with a TV installed?), and a flexible reading light.

What makes Furlenco’s Pod even more distinct is that the firm’s founders built the company under the assumption that it would exclusively rent its products. Because of this, anyone in Bangalore, Mumbai, or Pune has the option to secure a Pod for roughly $44 per month — or 2,999 Indian rupees — which brings its annual cost to around $528. Could you feasibly fashion a TV-toting bed for around the same price? Probably, but the fact everything is seamlessly built-in gives the Pod a major edge.

Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether or not Furlenco plans on bringing its novel bed to anywhere outside of India. For all its groundbreaking innovation, it appears as though the Pod will remain a mere wish list item until Furlenco decides to bring it stateside, or another company tries its hand at a knockoff. Until then, I guess we’ll all just settle for our regular, sleeping-only beds.

Rick Stella
Former Digital Trends Contributor
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