Garmin’s Astro GPS Dog Collar Helps Hunters

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You have a GPS system for your car, your boat, and to use on foot, so why not for your dog? Garmin has always catered to this rather unique GPS market with the Astro dog-tracking collar for hunters, and on Thursday, it updated the system with a brand new collar, the DC 30.

Unlike its predecessor, the DC 20, the DC 30 has no need for an awkward brick on top with an antenna poking out of it. Garmin reworked the collar to integrate the antenna smoothly into the strap, so it comes out unobtrusively from the side. A main housing sits below the dog’s neck, while the antenna stretches through the strap to the top of its neck, where it has the best view of satellites.

Using the Astro 220 receiver, hunters can keep track of where their dogs are and where they’ve been, within up to seven miles. Since it doesn’t use cellular towers to transmit, it works in remote areas, and there’s no need to pay a subscription.

The entire Astro system, including collar, receiver, cables, and a case, runs for $649.99, with additional collars going for $199.99. Owners of the old DC20 collar can also get a $50 rebate on the new collars for a limited time.