Get out and camp with your bike using Kamp-Rite’s Midget Bushtrekka

With Spring in the air (at least in some lucky areas) and Summer not far behind, we’re all gearing up to to get our lazy winter butts out into the wild. Beach trips, day hikes, and extended bike rides are all on the horizon, and we’re always looking for interesting ways to help combine those things.

Kamp-Rite’s Midget Bushtrekka bicycle trailer is a handy-looking contraption for exactly those those kinds of outdoor adventures. What makes this particular trailer standout from any other bike trailer is the fact that this one comes with one of Kamp-Rite’s Oversize Tentcot tents, which can be set up on top of the trailer. 

If you believe Kamp-Rite’s spiel, this trailer should be ideal for off-roading. Bushtrekkas feature a “pivoting wheelset” in which the wheels on each side operate independently. As far as we can tell, there does not appear to be an axle on the trailer’s underside–that might prove useful when negotiating those uneven roads.

Midget Bushtrekkas are large, weighing in at 56 pounds with about 41 gallons of storage. You can even adjust the ride height of the unit to suit bicycle wheel sizes from 20 to 29 inches. The tent is made for one person, or two people who are really comfortable with one another. It comes in at around 90-inches long, 32-inches wide and 40-inches high. And while the tent can be erected on the trailer, it also comes with off-ground arrangements as well. Most of Kamp-Rite’s tents feature stands that raise them a few feet off the ground as well. 

The price is quite steep at $899.99, and a casual perusing of Amazon shows that most trailers are less than $300. None of those, however, come with tents.