Haunted or just creepy? Either way, these infamous spots are good for a scare

Any other night, you can convince yourself the thumping you hear is caused by the wind, the creaking by the house settling. But Halloween begs for a scare, for you to suspend your disbelief and wonder, what if? Whether or not your believe in ghosts, spirits, or other supernaturals, stories of strange presences and unexplained phenomena seem to swirl around places with a past. That prickling sensation on the back of your neck can be eerie, but sometimes houses and other buildings have dark histories that are even more frightening, because they’re real.

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The website Diedinhouse.com can supposedly let you know if someone’s ever passed away in your residence. But some places are so notorious that all you have to do is ask the locals, and you’ll learn about unusual experiences or tragic events that took place behind closed doors. Some of these places have fallen into disrepair, while others have been turned into bed and breakfasts, where a ghostly encounter in the night may be included along with your morning coffee and pastries.

Take the Galloway House Inn in Savannah, Georgia, for example, where you can stay for $129 a night. Guests have reported seeing a man at the foot of their bed and doors opening and closing without a probable cause. The former owner committed suicide, and many other houses on this list have a history of murders and other horrible deeds — like what took place at the LaLaurie house. They’re not necessarily haunted, per se, but they serve as reminders of man’s inhumanity to man, which can be much scarier.

We rounded up places all over the United States that have spooky presences or terrible pasts. We don’t blame you if you want to keep the lights on for this one.