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Ikea's new food recipes give you something to chew on — literally

Ikea Cook this Page
Ikea is already in the business of providing you with your starter furniture, and now, it’s in the business of providing you with your starter recipes, too.

You shouldn’t have to go all the way to the store to get Ikea meatballs, and now, you can make them (and other things) at home. And hey, if you’re really doing it right, you may be cooking your Ikea recipes in a pan you bought from Ikea on your Ikea stove — because isn’t consistency the key ingredient to every great meal?

Ironically enough, while Ikea isn’t exactly known for its easy-to-digest instructions when it comes to its furniture, its recipes promise to be about as straightforward as they can be. You see, they aren’t really instructions — rather, these recipe cards are posters printed with food-safe ink on parchment paper. All you do is place the ingredients, along with their suggested seasonings and sauces, atop their drawings on the poster. Then, roll the whole piece of parchment up, and throw it in the oven (well, gently place it).

If it sounds like a marketing stunt, that’s because it is. Ikea worked with ad agency Leo Burnett in Toronto to bring this creative idea to life. But gimmicky or not, it’s certainly creative, and a rather good idea for first time cooks (who are also likely first time furniture shoppers, and as such, Ikea shoppers).

Of course, you can buy all the ingredients and tools you need to create one of these all-in-one meals at Ikea, though as you become more advanced in your cooking skills, you’ll probably want to branch out. Regardless, for those just flying the coop and looking for a way to cook at home instead of eating out, Ikea may have come up with a solution.

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