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Ikea still not ready to unroll its Fyrtur smart blind in the U.S.

What’s happening with Ikea’s Fyrtur smart blind? We’re not entirely sure.

The original launch date for the blackout shade came and went in April 2019 after the company said that during testing it found it could add additional functionality and needed more time to do so.

The second launch date — October 1 — has also passed without the blind appearing for sale on Ikea’s U.S. website or in its stores.

The company declined to give a reason for the latest delay, but told The Verge that the product will land in stores “later this year.” But going by its two missed launches, you shouldn’t build your hopes up.

It does seem odd, though, as the Fyrtur blind is already available across the pond on Ikea’s U.K. site. But U.S. consumers will have to wait longer. Or look elsewhere.

The Fyrtur blackout blind is part of IKEA’s new line of Tradfri smart home products, which also includes lights, motion sensors, and plugs.

‘Great for all generations’

For those not in the know, the elusive Fyrtur blind is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery pack and controlled using the Tradfri smartphone app. In a rather awkward-sounding description on its website, Ikea touts the blind as being “convenient and great for all generations.”

As you’d expect, the Fyrtur can be set up to open and close at particular times, making it useful as a silent alarm with natural light filling the room each morning to ease you from your nightly slumber. It’ll also come in handy if you’re going away and want to present the illusion of an occupied home.

In the U.S., if and when it reaches stores, Ikea’s Fyrtur blackout blind is expected to go on sale for between $129 and $179, depending on the size.

Increased focus on the smart home

Ikea recently announced its intention to dive deeper into the smart home sector with the launch of a dedicated business unit, a move that represents its biggest commitment to a single product line since it introduced Children’s Ikea more than 20 years ago.

The Sweden-based company took its first serious step into the smart home market in 2015 with the launch of furniture that incorporated wireless charging technology for Qi-compatible smartphones.

It followed up with the launch of Tadfri smart lights and other related products, and just recently added Sonos-compatible Symfonisk wireless speakers to its range.

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