Turn fish feces into food with this aquarium-top garden you track on your phone

Excuses not to have a garden are getting harder and harder to come by as technology improves. After all, gone are the days of laboring over the land to grow plants; now, we can put our green thumbs to use in our very own homes, even if our requirements call for cutting out the use of soil or creating a vertical garden to save space.

For those who like to maximize the function of their home decor, InnoGro has introduced a new smart garden that is designed to be mounted on top of a 10-gallon freshwater aquarium. The aquaponic garden is able to use fish waste to nourish its plants, including herbs and veggies, which can be grown indoors year-round. InnoGro Garden also works with a mobile app, plus built-in sensors and automated equipment, that make the growing process extremely simple for those without gardening experience.


The app’s pre-configured settings are instrumental in caring for the tank’s fish and the garden’s plants. Users can select their plants and fish in a database, and then the InnoGro Garden provides updates as needed, including customizable alerts. Data analysis can also be found, and the app provides users with journal-making features if they wish to make notes about the process or write tips for future use.

“What we want to do is allow everyone to grow their own healthy food right at home without having to go through the extensive learning curve, giving up an entire room to plants, or committing to high-maintenance routines,” says InnoGro founder Mike Brawner in a press release.

Users aren’t able to get their hands on the InnoGro Garden yet, but the company will launch a Kickstarter in March. For an early-bird pledge of $379, backers will be able to order the product, which will later retail for $549.

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