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Why buy a bunch of smart appliances when you can just buy an IntelliPlug?

Why buy brand-new smart appliances when you can just breathe new life into your old ones? That, at least, is the alternative smart home company Cnct is introducing by way of the IntelliPlug, heralded as the world’s smallest and most affordable smart plug. The Wi-Fi-enabled plug allows you to control your lights, appliances, and any other plugged-in device with your smartphone or tablet, from anywhere in the world. With full iOS, Android, and Alexa integrations, you can easily turn your connected devices on and off, set timers, or select a schedule by which these appliances can operate.

The IntelliPlug wants “everyone to experience a smart home at the fraction of the cost.”

Promising to cost less than half the price of other smart plugs (the early bird price on Indiegogo is $20 for a two-pack), the IntelliPlug wants “everyone to experience a smart home at the fraction of the cost.” The company says that its new product takes just three steps to setup — simply plug the device into any electrical outlet, download the Cnct app, pair the plug with the app, and from there, you’ll be able to control any “dumb” appliance from your phone.

Cnct notes that it also has plans to integrate Google Assistant in the coming months, so no matter what your smart home hub of choice may be, you can bring the IntelliPlug into your environment.

“With IntelliPlug, we wanted to create the most affordable smart plug on the market, and after dozens of prototypes and countless software iterations, we finalized the design and are ready to bring the Cnct IntelliPlug to the world,” said Adam Anderson, founder of Cnct. “Now everyone can have a smart home and be able to seamlessly control their appliances directly from their phone or tablet, while home or on the go.”

So whether you want to turn on your old coffee pot from your phone or turn off your hair straightener while you’re at work, the IntelliPlug can help.

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