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Watch the mess disappear with Jisiwei S+, a robot vacuum with a camera

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This has been the month of the app-controlled robot vacuum. Both Neato and Roomba announced vacuums you can start from your smartphone, and now the Jisiwei S+ is sweeping onto the scene. But thanks to a couple extra features, the smart robot will not only clean your floor, it will act as a home security system that helps you monitor your family and pets when you’re not home.

According to the Chinese company, which launched a Kickstarter campaign today, the S+ is the first vacuum cleaning robot with a built-in camera and Wi-Fi. Using your smartphone or tablet and the robot’s app, you can operate the S+ remotely and keep tabs on your home. Not only does S+ allow you to monitor your house through its camera, there is a motion detector that you can set when no one is there. An alert will be sent to your phone if any motion is detected, allowing you to check up on the situation and call for emergency services if needed.

S+ can also send you photos, so you can stay connected to your family and pets when you have to be away. The robot even allows you to deal with misbehaving pets. If you see them in areas where they’re not supposed to be, you can use the robot to redirect your furry friend’s attention and remotely lead him or her to another part of the house, the a robotic puppy herder.

As a vacuum cleaner, the S+ looks remarkably similar to the Roomba. It has a seven cleaning paths and is made to protect your walls and furniture. There are 15 sets of front-contact sensors, TPU sensing film, and an IMD material cover, both of which are intended to protect your home and the robot itself. The robot even has a mop installed to improve the cleaning process.

APP Control

S+ can work continuously in 120-minute increments before it needs a recharge. At that point, the robot will automatically head to the charging station and dock until it’s juiced up again. You’ll then be able to resume its cleaning or monitoring activities.

With the launch of the Kickstarter campaign, Jisiwei is offering contributors a variety of incentives. Those who want just one S+ can get it for $249, which is a deal compared to the estimated retail price of $399. Other packages include additional cleaning kits.

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